Black Bean Sweet Potato Goo (fail)

I attempted Cooking for Kiwi and Bean‘s Black Bean Sweet Potato Fudge Bars last night to use up the beans I cooked earlier this week. In summary, if I had rinsed the beans and allowed all extraneous moisture to drain, they would have been perfect. Unfortunately, I was unable to get them “done.”

To save time, I cooked 2 sweet potatoes in the microwave for a few minutes, then put them in a 425 degree oven until they were soft and fragrant. I only used 1/3 cup maple syrup.I weighed 14 oz of homemade unsalted black beans and drained the liquid but I didn’t rinse.

I’ve been hearing about whipping bean liquid (“aquafaba”) into a vegan version of meringue, and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it. {I heard about it on Chocolate Covered Katie, but she’s not the first, so just google it and I won’t worry about proper sourcing :)}. Maybe I could fold the mock meringue into the batter and the bars would come out more cake-like!

To my chagrin, the liquid did not whip, despite the cream of tartar and my initial patience. Perhaps I need to use the watery portion of liquid instead? I’ll be experimenting more with it and following along with others at In any case, I poured it down the drain and proceeded with the recipe as originally intended.

The batter was delicious. I noticed flecks of bean skin as I spread it in the pan, but it was too late to process more. I cooked for 30 minutes or maybe a bit more, per recipe, then the top looked done, so I removed them from oven and pan to cool. Once they were cool enough to cut, I realized they were not done at all. I left them in the fridge overnight so I could try baking them some more in the morning.

I think I baked for another hour the next morning before I gave up. Rinsing the beans must be crucial. I’ll have to try again next time.

By the way, they were still yummy! I ate half the recipe and threw away the other half (only because that’s way too many calories and the only way I knew I’d abstain is discarding them into the trash).


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