Simple Cornbread (from 31 Meals)

I don’t have a dishwasher. If I dirty up dishes cooking something, I have to spend time washing that individual dish. So I look for shortcuts where I can: I purchased an inexpensive food scale, so I can just measure by weight into one bowl, resetting to zero whenever I need to. I also look out for recipes that don’t instruct me to get out 5 different bowls just to mix (aren’t I using enough with the measuring and the baking and the serving???).

Minimalist Baker understands. Their blog has a whole category for recipes using only one bowl! They also have a cookbook filled with recipes that are one bowl, 7 ingredients or less, or 30 minutes or less. I haven’t tried very many of their recipes, but the chili and cornbread was sooo good. I made the cornbread a second time a few days ago, and I think it’s going to be the kind of recipe I make in small batches, because otherwise I just keep eating it until it’s gone!

I didn’t stray from the recipe, just left out the optional corn. It’s important to note that it rises a lot (like double) so keep that in mind if you are baking it in a pyrex dish to store with a lid for later, like I did. It kept in the fridge well for a few days, but we finished it before trying to store it any longer that that!

It has a very moist, creamy texture that is different from the more cake-like, slightly crumbly homemade cornbread I’ve had before. I didn’t add more calories with the suggested butter and syrup, just sprinkled cinnamon over mine. Hunny Bunny loved her “cake”. Catboy went back for seconds, then snacked on more later, then had more cornbread for a later snack.  I’d say my family approved it!


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